Global Medical REIT Inc. Releases Corporate Social Responsibility Report

BETHESDA, Md.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Global Medical REIT Inc. (NYSE: GMRE) (the “Company” or “GMRE”), a net-lease medical real estate investment trust (REIT) that acquires healthcare facilities and leases those facilities to physician groups and regional and national healthcare systems, today announced the publication of the Company’s Corporate Social Responsibility Report (“the Report”) detailing its approach to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) topics.

Jeffrey M. Busch, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President stated, “We are proud to have released our third Corporate Social Responsibility report, as we continue our commitment to our ESG principles and initiatives. Our investing strategy and business operations remains aligned with our ESG framework. We prioritize the interests of all stakeholders by continuously integrating ESG principles into our core business strategy and regular business operations. Looking ahead, we remain committed to advancing our ESG initiatives as an integral part of our ongoing growth.”

The Company’s Report sets forth its commitment and efforts regarding environmental stewardship, social responsibility, strong corporate governance, and is available digitally at: GMRE CSR 2024


The Company initiated its inaugural Report in 2022, but has been engaged in collecting and tracking environmental data from its tenants since 2019, including energy and water usage. The Report highlights the significant growth in the Company’s energy tracking efforts, from 11% of its tenants providing energy usage information in 2019, to approximately 55% currently. The report details additional measures the Company has implemented to ensure the validity and consistency of data, as well as future environmental sustainability plans and goals.


The Company’s social effort continues to focus on its workforce, tenants and communities and describes the Company’s philosophy and goals regarding workforce and stakeholder engagement. The Report highlights the Company’s efforts to increase team cohesion in a post-pandemic work environment and the Company’s diverse workforce.


The Report also puts forth and details the continued enhancement of the Company’s governance practices, which are based on integrity, transparency and accountability. The Board has taken a proactive role in governance leadership and has prioritized its efforts to support the evolution of its ESG initiatives.

The Report underscores the Company’s sustained efforts to bolster its governance framework rooted in integrity, transparency, and accountability. The Board has assumed a proactive governance leadership role, prioritizing the advancement of the Company’s ESG initiatives.

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Global Medical REIT Inc. is a net-lease medical REIT that acquires healthcare facilities and leases those facilities to physician groups and regional and national healthcare systems. Additional information on GMRE can be obtained on its website at


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